Trust GXT Raptor

The GXT Raptor at the ZURICH GAME SHOW: 7 gaming stations, 7 4k screens, 24 subwoofers, a DJ console and unbridled gaming power

This gaming car has not only 450 hp but also the best equipment that you could wish for: In addition to 2 PS4, he brings 5 high-performance computers with the latest gaming equipment from Trust. Whether on the back seat or on the extendable body, this powerhouse leaves nothing to be desired.
At the after party after the gaming sessions, the 9,000 watt speakers and the DJ desk on the roof provide you with the right mood!

At the GXT Raptor you can compete against the professionals of the German FIFA scene. Salz0r and Hensoo11 will be there and more will follow.
Get behind the wheel or grab the controller and experience the power at the ZURICH GAME SHOW!