Throwback: Splatoon 2
Swiss Championship 2018

The official Splatoon 2 Swiss Championship will take place on the 15th of September at ZURICH GAME SHOW

· The winning team of the Swiss Championship automatically qualifies for the Splatoon 2 European Championship 2018 – 2019

· Everyone can join: The registration page is now online. Here are the Splatoon 2 Swiss Championships Rules

Swiss Inklinge: fight for fame, honour and the championship!

In the joyous colour battles of the Nintendo Switch game Splatoon 2 , the German team BackSquids has recently secured the runner-up title. Can four Swiss Inklinge possibly take on the BackSquids? In this question, the first preliminary decision will be made on the 15th of September at ZURICH GAME SHOW. On the second day of the games fair, which takes place in Zurich from 14th to 16th of September, Splatoon 2 teams from all over Switzerland will fight for glory, honour and the national championship. The winning team of the Splatoon 2 Swiss Championship will automatically qualify for the next round: for the European Championship in the spring of 2019. The Splatoon 2 Swiss Championship registration page is now online.

In Splatoon 2, two four-man teams compete in the role of Inklingen – half human, half octopus – against each other. The winner is the team, that succeeds with its colour guns to highlight the largest areas in its colour by spraying and spraying, blots and blots. The tournament at ZURICH GAME SHOW will start on September 15th at 12 pm. If you have not registered online, you can register for the lively colour fights on site, between 10 am and 11 am. Participation is not guaranteed in this case. For those who want to play it safe, online registration is recommended. The finals, to which, of course, spectators are welcome, start around 5 pm. The only things the teams have to bring to Zurich are four regular players and one substitute. For those who would like to practice in advance: The competitions take place in the game modes Lordship, Tower Command, Operation Goldfish and Seashell Chaos. The exact terms of participation and tournament rules and here the registration page.

For all Nintendo and Splatoon 2 fans, it is now time to register, practice and – with a bit of luck – become Swiss champions.