There are various specials and surprises to discover at the ZURICH GAME SHOW. Distributed in 7 halls you will find the newest of the new, heroic icons and extravagant experiences.

Airplanes and drones, geeks, ghost hunters and gamers, athletes and snipers, and even one or two superheroes may suddenly come across your path.

Gaming with the best graphics in the world! Model aircraft.

This is model aircraft. Let yourself be inspired by this fascinating hobby in the model aircraft section of ZURICH GAME SHOW.

Exciting flight demonstrations in the indoor model flying zone with attractions and the possibility to test your skills on model flight simulators. Are you ready for the challenge?

Learn how you can get into model flying and let yourself be inspired by airplanes, helicopters and quadrocopters. Did you already know that thanks to today’s transmission and camera technology it is possible to sit in a model aircraft and steer it like a real airplane?

Come by in Hall 7 and learn more about this exciting hobby.


Let the engines howl at the ZURICH GAME SHOW!

The crew of RC DRIFT Palace have their transporters ready and bring their hot fleet to the ZURICH GAME SHOW. Just like with their original models, you can drift and let the tires slide over the track. There are no limits when it comes to the design of the body as well: fully functional headlight systems, replica engine compartments and sound modules to mimic a genuine turbocharged 2JZ drift engine. Watch the pilots in their race and then take the remote control in your own hands and accelerate!



Play in one of four mobile Escape Rooms by URBANescape at the ZURICH GAME SHOW: Your task is to reconstruct the memories of yesterday’s crazy office party. There was a lot of drinking and celebrating. When you wake up, your colleague yells in horror that he’s missing a finger. You all can not remember what happened last night. Discover what happened and find out in time what was going on! Time is running and you are the only ones who can save your buddy’s finger. There is a lot at stake! If you fail, he will never have his finger on his hand again…

Nintendo Labo

In hall 6 you will find the booth “Nintendo Labo”. Here, children, parents and everyone else can build, play and discover together while experiencing interactive crafting fun. In the workshop, a simple piece of cardboard can turn into a fishing rod, a nimble motorcycle, a steering wheel or even a well-sounding piano – the imagination is almost unlimited!

But that’s not all. After crafting, you can bring your creation to life with the help of the Nintendo Switch console! Participate in fast-paced races with a hand-crafted steering wheel, catch fish with your fishing rod or become a pianist. No matter what virtual world you are in, Nintendo Labo offers crafting fun for the whole family.

Learn more: nintendo.ch

Fusion Arena

Break free from Reality, with Virtual Reality!

At the booth of Babos Gaming and the Fusion Arena you can dive into new virtual worlds and experience games in VR. Jump from a skyscraper or sprawl like Spider Man on them, they got you covered! And if you want to free yourself from all shackles (or cables), then visit them in the Fusion Arena Zurich and experience their Full Body VR adventure to up to 10 players on over 200 square meters, they are waiting for you!

Learn more: fusionarena.ch

Star Wars Fan Props: X-Wing

Sit down into a gigantic X-Wing!

A gorgeous X-Wing will land in Zurich. The crew of Z Montagen Props brings this intergalactic Star Wars Fan Prop to the ZURICH GAME SHOW and allows you to feel like real X-Wing pilots. Yes, you can! You can sit into the X-Wing and beeing photographed!

Ready for takeoff? Travel to distant galaxies and get the ultimate intergalactic photo!

Roman Güttinger

For more than 30 years, Roman Güttinger from Switzerland has maintained one of the world’s largest private movie props and film memorabilia collections. Whether original movie props used in Hollywood, autographs, fan articles or limited replicas; Güttinger has something of everything! Over 7’000 movie props from sci-fi, fantasy and horror movies now belong to his collection.

At the ZURICH GAME SHOW, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of ALIEN, he tells us something out of the secrets of his extraordinary everyday life, of extraterrestrial businesses and of his experiences with the Swiss “alien artist” H.R. Giger, with whom he was friends for over 20 years. The talk is enriched with rare photos from his collection. In a Q&A session, you can also ask all your questions.

40-Years-Alien-Talk: Saturday, 12:00-12:45 – Panelroom 1

Balance Your Life with BalancePark4you

Relaxed and balanced through life. The stylish balance boards allow a balanced balance training, offer the right challenge for everyone and have fun balancing. Whether gamers, cosplayers, pedestrians, young or old! Grab your model and optimize your abilities.

Test all Balance Boards at the Zurich Game Show: Playfully, everyone can transform themselves into a Balance Master! Just ask the Balance Monkey!

Drone Ralley at ZURICH GAME SHOW

Experience a whole new thrill! At the ZURICH GAME SHOW you can see the world with completely new eyes with the professionals of Dracer. With the FPV (First Person View) glasses, you’ll think you’re sitting right in the cockpit of your drone and steering it through the parkour. You will be assisted by experienced trainers who will show you everything about this fast-paced sport.

Here‘s a first impression of flying.
You can even try it out at the ZURICH GAME SHOW


Meet the geeks of
SRF Digital!

Martina, Méline and Guido from SRF Digital are visiting ZURICH GAME SHOW. If you already know their Let’s Plays or like to watch the “Geek Sofa”, the talk show about games and geek culture, then this is your chance to personally meet, chat and game with them Friday through Sunday.


Swiss Ghostbusters

Are you disturbed by strange noises in the middle of the night? Do you sometimes experience a feeling of terror in your basement or attic? Have you or your family ever seen a haunting, phantom, or ghost?

If the answer is yes, do not wait a second and call the pros: The Swiss Ghostbusters. They have charged their proton-packs to maximum and prepared the traps to protect the ZURICH GAME SHOW.

As last year you can expect great games, unique collectibles and real Ghostbusters, made in Switzerland.


Swiss Garrison - The 501st Legion

The Imperium marches for the ZURICH GAME SHOW

From a galaxy far, far away the warriors of the Imperium found their way to Zurich: Imperial Stormtrooper, Siths and bounty hunters march for the ZURICH GAME SHOW.

The Swiss Garrison is the local branch of the 501st Legion (also known as Vader’s Fist) the worldwide fan-club of the Star Wars universe. They are available to our visitors for pictures and great show acts. Their high quality costumes and exact replicas thrill the members of both sides of the force. Maybe there will also be a Jedi from time to time, but it will be tough to face such a superior might.


The ExerCube: The Playful Future of Fitness Training

The Startup Sphery AG presents its “ExerCube”, awarded with the FIBO Innovation Award 2019, at the ZURICH GAME SHOW.

The immersive fitness game combines effective body & brain training with an entertaining gaming experience, bringing new momentum and fun to the gym. Experience the inspiring game flow and test your fitness in the ExerCube!


Swap Your Controller For a Table Tennis Paddle!

Whether you are a gamer, eSportsman, cosplayer or modeler: Table tennis is fun for everyone!
At the tables of the Table Tennis Association Zurich (TTVZ) you can compete with your friends and let the pros give you tips on how to improve your backhand. A real challenge will be to return the balls from the ball robot. Do you have what it takes to beat the machine?

On Saturday 14.09. From 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, the youngest Bundesliga player Olga Koop will also hold a show play.


Swiss Action Stunts

You may already have seen the stunt crew of SWISS ACTION STUNTS on your TV without realizing it. As an association for stunts, stunt coordination, choreography and pyrotechnics, they know very well how to carry through daredevil actions without blemishes.

At their booth you can learn more about their projects and equipment used and take a look behind the stunt shop.



Will the next card bring the royal flush? Or do you have an ace up your sleeve?

The PokerAcademy offers playful team events for companies and private groups. At the Zurich Game Show, PokerAcademy is present with two gaming tables where blackjack and poker can be learned and played. “Just for fun”, of course, without money and without risk. More information: www.poker-night.ch and www.pokeracademy.ch

Crawler Zone

No terrain can stop your crawlers

Control RC vehicles everywhere in the Crawler Zone of Hobby Shop Hässig. With their huge tires and best suspension, the crawlers cross terrain that is insurmountable for all other cars. Test your skills in the great Parkour and experience what these powerhouses are capable of. Not as fast as street cars, but unstoppable! At the booth of Hobby Shop Hässig you can also discover a large selection of moving and flying models.

More information: www.hobbyshop.ch and www.facebook.com/pages/hobbyshophaessig

Ready, Aim, Airsoft!

Experience Airsoft at the ZURICH GAME SHOW and be inspired by this high powered teamsport.

It is all about teamwork, tactics, fairness and the thrill of the game. Here you don’t have a mouse, no controller and no screen. Just you, your reflexes and your aim. Now you can witness in real-life what you knew only from a screen before. At the massive shooting range you can try airsoft by yourself and even play a parkour! Also their luggage is full of realistic airsoft guns which will make the game even more exciting. In addition, the sport and the equipment are explained and displayed by experts.


Lasergame Schweiz

At ZURICH GAME SHOW you can experience the action-packed leisure sport Lasertag up close.

Lasergame Schweiz will present the most modern laser weapons in the world at a large shooting range. The SMGs from iCombat shoot harmless infrared light, but are otherwise indistinguishable from real weapons: From the blowback to the magazine change was thought of everything. Test it yourself and you`ll be amazed! For thrilling outdoor games you can get to know the LASERWAR assortment from bazookas to assault rifles.

Quite “old school” (but still cool) is the Archery at their stand.
Cosplayer please pay attention to the weapons rules including the additional information at ZURICH GAME SHOW

o gumdo


> For momentum and focus
> For the development step in the company
> For initiative and innovation

You are trained on the sword and learn in duels. Play the game of success with Christian Daniel Mayer & Sven Patrick Stecher / Sword x Business Mastership

Unprepared, unbiased, indescribable!

Action speech for leaders: Friday, 17:00 – Panelroom 1
One hour of interactive speech with the Masters of the Four Arts

Fly your drone at the ZURICH GAME SHOW

The pilots from eye4i bring their high-tech drones to Zurich and it is up to you to pilot them. Test these agile racer in an own FlyZone and fly them through a parkour full of obstacles.
With their build-in camera and video glasses you will feel like you sit in the pilot chair. But without the dizziness when you fly fast loopings or even collide with other drones.

Experience the drone-sport at the ZURICH GAME SHOW and let it carry you away.


SGDA Summit

Also in 2019, the SGDA Summit will take place at ZURICH GAME SHOW.

The Swiss Game Developers Association (SGDA) is an association and advocate of Swiss game developers, supported by its members. The goals of the non-profit organisation are a supportive political environment, professionalization through the promotion of skills and young talents as well as increased visibility of a strong Swiss gaming industry. Exciting discussions with exceptional guests on support options for game productions, crowdfunding for games and mixed reality games as well as other topics are accompanied by an exhibition on Swiss games, virtual reality and augmented reality games.

Geek & Superhero Hall

Meet national and international cosplayers, who are also present daily at cosplay contests on a big stage. In this hall also Swiss Garrison – The 501st Legion with many Stormtroopers and the Swiss Ghostbusters are present.

Even stars from the gaming world, from actors known as “Game Voices” to YouTubers and Art Directors of big game titles, will arrive at ZURICH GAME SHOW and be available to the fans for autographs and photos.

The program will be announced in the next few days.

Modelling & Tabletop Hall

Let yourself be enchanted true to the motto “Create your own world!” from the latest table games and everything related to model making!

Fans of Table Top games build entire landscapes for their favorite games and create their own characters. Logically, that also everything fits around model making: self-built games, new aviation, ship, iconic railway or drone worlds to hip racing car models.

A big magic card tournament and exhibitors with more trading cards will give you an insight into the world of modern card games.

Official After Party

We will enjoy the ZURICH GAME SHOW on Friday, 13th September, from 12 am to 9 pm at Messe Zurich! And from 9:30 pm, we step up the game and celebrate the legendary official ZURICH GAME SHOW AFTER PARTY at eParadise!

And those who still have not had enough and want to celebrate on Saturday, 14th September, just come back! The Saturday After Show Party starts at 8 pm in the eParadise.

The stars from the ZURICH GAME SHOW, the helpers, makers and exhibitors will make sure that the party will be unforgettable.

The entry is free. Entry from the age of 16.

Date: Friday, 13.09.2019, from 9:30 pm

Location: eParadise, Hohlstrasse 452,                                             8048 Zürich, www.e-paradise.ch