Roger Wymann

Roger Wymann, 1970, was born in the best of times. Grown up as an only child with soldering iron, Lego, RC models and fishing technique.

To this day, he is interested in everything related to education, computers, technology and science. He passes on his knowledge by giving courses for students and teachers. With his Lego troupe he participates in the First Lego League and WRO competitions.

At the moment he is working on lectures on the ethical obligations that will come to people in the rapid development of artificial intelligence.

His whole life he is interested only in one question: “Do robots dream of electric sheep?”

Künstliche Intelligenz und Robotik ziehen in die Haushalte.

Wie bereiten wir Schüler und Lehrpersonen auf diese Entwicklung vor, oder sollten wir uns bereits heute Gedanken über die technologische Singularität machen.

Sunday, 16:30 – Designers & Education Stage

What is artificial intelligence?

Is it really intelligent?

Where is the beginning and where is the end?

Foreign and proprietary or rather open source?

What are the developments?

Is artificial intelligence dangerous?