ZURICH GAME SHOW 2018: For the first time eSport Internationals in Switzerland

The national teams of Switzerland and Denmark are competing at ZURICH GAME SHOW 2018

For the first time, friendly eSport games will be played in Switzerland, with national teams live and front of a large audience. The Swiss eSports national teams participating in the upcoming World Championships in Kaohsiung Taiwan will compete against the national teams of Denmark at ZURICH GAME SHOW on a large eSport stage. The spectators will experience the best teams in Switzerland in matches of League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

The teams Berzerk (CSGO) and Swiss Agents (LOL) will have the opportunity to prepare for the World Cup in front of a large audience. The Danes, with their national teams from AaBesports, are considered one of the strongest European teams. For the fans of League of Legends and CSGO, the ZURICH GAME SHOW offers a top-class treat.

The organizers are looking forward to this highlight: “We deliberately renounced our own tournaments with LoL and CSGO in order to give the Swiss national teams this opportunity. That way, the Swiss eSport is given a strong platform and the teams the opportunity to compete with the strong Danes.”

The fans will be able to experience international top matches of their favorite games at ZURICH GAME SHOW and still have plenty of time to explore the big fair.

CH Nationalteam Berzerk (CS:GO)
(Foto Screenshot esports.ch)

CH Nationalteam Swiss Agents (LOL)
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