Swiss cosplayer Minus10DegreesCelsius is internationally known for her high-quality props and costumes. She has created over 30 cosplays to date, with her focus mainly on props. Through cosplay, Minus10DegreesCelsius shows her love for video games and breathes life into the characters. But what she loves most is the opportunity to meet great people from all over the world and share her passion through cosplay. In her opinion, the world of cosplay knows no bounds: size, gender or skin color should never stop you from wearing the costume of your favourite character, cosplay is there for everyone. Minus10DegreesCelsius will be part of the jury at the Cosplay Contest and will perform at the Cosplay Show. We look forward to Minus10DegreesCelsius!

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Photos: A.Z. Production & Byrd Thanaphonlasap