Cooler Master MasterRide 2.0

A truck fueld by gaming power joins the ZURICH GAME SHOW

The Cooler Master MasterRide 2.0 is the realized dream of every LAN partier, ever. If your inner child doesn’t spiritually jump out of your body upon seeing this, you’re in the wrong place.

For the first time ever, this 30ton truck will be showed in Switzerland. First, mechanical feet drop from the bottom of the trailer to stabilize the transformation. The side of the trailer extends outward in the style of Transformers as the automated floor and overhang fold into place. Once fully converted into a proper balcony and the mechanical whirrs conclude, you’ll be greeted with 10 gaming systems outfitted with the latest hardware and games—lined up and ready for unnecessarily high framerates while playing… anything.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this at the ZURICH GAME SHOW!