Jannet Incosplay is a pioneer of the professional and international Russian Cosplay. She has guested in many international conventions, from Asia to Europe and America. With more than 7 years experience, Jannet was one of the first worldwide wigmakers. Her high quality work is based on very different characters from movies, video games or anime. She loves to create huge and interesting wigs and paints with weathering techniques. Together with her team, Jannet has also set up her own photo studio with great scenarios where artists can create photo and video projects.
The Russian has been recognized as official model for cosplayers like Witchblade, Satsuki, Triss Merigold, Goku, Widowmaker and Darth Talon, as Blizzard’s “Widowmaker” and “Widowmaker Talon” since 2016. We are pleased to welcome this great artist in Zurich!

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