Creators Stage

At the Creators Stage in Hall 2, hosted by CouchFlux, General Strike & Co, we want to give regional influencers in the field of gaming the opportunity to directly reach their communities at the ZURICH GAME SHOW and support the network between Swiss and international gamers.


Already in 2018, CouchFlux delighted visitors of the ZURICH GAME SHOW with their inspirational-conspiratorial meeting place for geeks, nerds and other interstellar creatures.

In 2019, the Swiss-German Live-Streamers naturally go even further. With many guests in their luggage and even more ideas, they show off- and online simultaneously how communication marries fun.


Domtendo is a German speaking Nintendo Let’s Player, who has already produced thousands of videos. In Europe, he is the undisputed number 1 among Nintendo fans. With more than 1,000,000 subscribers and 1,300,000,000 views, he is one of the best Nintendo Let’s Players in both Germany and Europe in terms of daily views and subscribers.

At the ZURICH GAME SHOW you will get the chance on Saturday and Sunday for a photo and autograph with the YouTube Superstar. We are very happy to welcome this likeable Let’s Player back on stage with us!
Domtendo’s autographs and selfies are free.


NerdOverNews is a German-speaking news-youtuber specializing in the console and PC world.
On his channel, you can always find the latest information from the Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft universes!