Gonzalo Martin (Argentina/USA)

Life is Strange 2, Back to Lyla, When it Rings

Gonzalo Martin is an actor and voice actor from Buenos Aires, Argentina. After considering to work in aviation, sailing or engineering Gonzalo realized that storytelling was the biggest of his dreams. He therefore took a significant step on his career path by leaving Argentina at the age of 18 to become an actor in LA. Since then, he has worked in several productions, gaining more and more recognition. From starring in the movie “When it Rings” to voicing protagonist Sean Diaz in “Life is Strange 2” and producing and starring in his latest film “Back to Lyla” – Gonzalo Martin is a young star who is predicted a great future in the film and game industry!

We are thrilled, that Gonzalo Martin once again enters a plane to switch continents (if this time for just a few days) and visits the ZURICH GAME SHOW!
He will give photo and autograph sessions on all three days in addition to his stage appearances. Details: here