GAMES 2018

Casual Gaming

Try new gaming PCs and consoles – countless gaming hotspots are waiting for you, also absolute high-end devices! Play new games that are not yet on the market.

You just want to play a little with your friends? Then this is the right place for you. We will offer you the one-time opportunity to try out the newest games. While gaming comfy at one of our numerous gaming stations you can not only experience the software, but also get to know the newest gaming gear. Try out new consoles or discover the world of PC gaming.

Some of the Swiss Game Premieres that can be played at the ZURICH GAME SHOW can be found here:

Game Design

You are not only interested in the world-famous AAA titles? At the ZURICH GAME SHOW you can descent into the deep world of indie games! Along with the Swiss Game Developers Association (SGDA) and numerous other organisations you can explore new game worlds and discover the next top titles.

VR / AR / Education

Try the latest VR glasses and let yourself be surprised by the virtual and augmented reality experiences. Inform yourself about training opportunities at the booths from SAE and ZHdK.

Gamification: What does this mean for our everyday life? Is school only going to exist out of gaming in the future? Come over and inform yourself about the future of the cooperation between education and games.


Find like-minded people! Meet other gamers & nerds and exchange yourselves about the newest games and best eSports athletes. Maybe you also get to know one of the displaying associations or communities and connect with them. We offer you the perfect meeting-point.

eSports SESF, CouchFlux, Swiss Geeks, Swiss Cosplay Family

Tabletop Board Games

Tournaments – Game Tables – Community

At the ZURICH GAME SHOW, various communities and retailers present the latest games. Discover new space adventures, deck building sagas, zombie survival games and the hottest big game titles; let yourself be inspired by the fascination of the board games!
WARNING: Time and space become meaningless. There is an immediate danger to addiction!

Retro Game Corner

Game Dungeon Retro Game Corner offers everything a gamer’s heart desires. From the beginnings of the 70s to exotics from overseas, classics of many systems up to the latest consoles from the well-known manufacturers. Visitors can take a trip down memory lane, play multiplayer battles, or admire the unknown and the new. The aim of the Game Dungeon Association is to promote high-level video game culture by collecting, maintaining and providing original “game antiques”, thus enabling you to enjoy a true-to-life retro game feeling.