Franz Eidenbenz

Franz Eidenbenz, lic.phil. I, psychologist FSP, supervisor and instructor, has been involved since 1999 both as a therapist and as a speaker for a constructive risk management in dealing with new media.

Since 2011 he has been head of treatment at the then newly founded center for gambling addiction and other behavioral addictions, RADIX Zurich ( In addition to the publication of specialist articles, he works together with various media to make the professional perspective on the subject of Internet and gambling addiction simply and comprehensibly accessible to the public.

Gesundes Gamen

Saturday, 12:00 – Designers & Education Stage

Games belong to the cultural heritage of the 21st century and enable new dimensions of entertainment. The fascination and motivation that trigger game worlds with gamers is so great that quickly time and sometimes everything else is forgotten.

Ideally, it is a timeout from everyday life and in this sense a rest, which also offers learning opportunities. As the center for gambling addiction and other behavioral addictions, RADIX is familiar with critical cases and with that knows gaming also as a rush to escape from everyday life with significant negative implications for the gamer and his environment.

The aim of the healthy game is self-controlled use, which is an extension and supplement to everyday life. It’s about promoting benefits and enjoyment and minimizing the risks of excessive or addictive gambling.