You can expect a lot of big gaming brands on site, also brands, who are exclusive in Zurich and have never been to Switzerland before.

Thanks to all exhibitors, partners, supporters and listed brands 2018:

OMEN by HP, WoG World of Games, Xbox One, EA, Sony Playstation, Sony Pictures, Medion Erazer, Samsung, SAE Institute Switzerland AG, Media Markt, Joule Performance Logitech, Warner Bros., Nintendo, eParadise, Universal Pictures, Square Enix, Ubisoft, RAZER, MIFCOM, esports.ch, Games.ch, STEG Electronics, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Zweifel Pomy-Chips, AOC, Asus, Bethesda Softworks BRACK.CH, ESB, Philips Lightning, Acer Predator, Corsair, Littlebit Technology, LC-Power, Kingston HyperX, HTC Vive, SESF, SIEA, PhotoboothPro, Starticket, Microsoft, VR Room.ch, gameturnier.ch, ZOWIE, Speedlink, ascot-elite, 20minuten Tilllate, Cooler Master,Lenovo, RCKSTR Mag, Daydeal, Deep Silver, ZHdK, Flashlight, We are cinema, Gameturnier.ch, TU24, Cineman, SRF Virus, OutNow, Persoenlich.com, PcTipp, Robot-Town, Aimcontroller, Gamerights.ch, Nau.ch, Simrent, SESL, Swiss Ghostbusters, AJ Design, NRJ, Sphery, SplitFishGameware, France-Orient, Freakatorium, Swiss Cosplay Family, CU4C Cosplay charity, SGDA, SGDA New Reality Space, Republic of Gamers, Rockstar Games, Webgate, Art of Play, Caseking, Ali Abbas, ClickHeat, AniPopGam, Animeimport, e-Longboard, Emovemotors, EpicSkin, Escape Quest, Jimport, Robert Aebi AG, Couchflux, Livesystems AG Passenger TV, Ludibrium, MB-Müller, MediaZone, Sycoforge, MidKnight Story, Rocket Games, Symantec, my3dWorld, NovaZona, Giahi Tattoos, Giant Kino Markt, Instinctive Clothing, ifolor AG, Giger Automaten, Golfsession, Honkao, 501st Legion – SwissGarrison, Modellfluggruppe Flaach, SDE, Analph Comics, AOI Kimono & Fashion, KABOOOM Entertainment, Lasergame Schweiz, Noblechairs, Legend Distribution, eye4i, Retroverse, Achucha, ASVD, dekom 3d plus, Scydes, Sammlung Roman Güttinger, Game Dungeon, SILENTGAMING, Hotel Holiday Inn, Games.ch, AVM FRITZ!Box, Philips Hue, Razer, ASUS ROG, Intel, Logitech, LC-Power, Western Digital, Seagate, Corsair, DayDeal, Codillion, Unami Snack Import, Rapaholics, Mad Butchers, Wigs for all, Ticocosplay, Tactica Games, Warlord Games, Privateer Press,, Sektor 11, Underground Dart Club, Tischtennisverband Zürich, Airbrush Shop by Fabu, Wellplayed, TC Games, TCG Liga, Board Game Box, Asmodee, Games Workshop, Amigo, Konami, Ankama, 5am Games, Blindflug Studios, Dissatisfied with Badgers, Falkenbrew, Fusion.Robot, Gbanga, Indoor Astronaut, Lilou Studio, LuLuLu Entertainment, Okomotive, Piñata Punch, Pixel with Hat, Shy Robot Games, Stray Fawn Studio, Arctic Gaming, Babos Gaming


As well as many cosplayers, stars from film and games, over 20 game design studios, 3 public gaming zones, over 400 gaming stations, many board games and trading cards, eSport teams and action zones.