ETH Game Technology Center


At the ZURICH GAME SHOW the students of the ETH Game Technology Center show their best games on the XBox.

Test them at their booth in the GENERATION FUTURE ZONE and learn more about ETH’s various programs and projects in the field of game design.

The Dark Matters

The Dark Matters is a local multiplayer game which puts a lot of emphasis on cooperation and teamwork. The players are crew members on a mission leaving Earth and trying to reach Mars.

For this, they need to work together to reach as high a distance as possible while waves of enemies seek to destroy their starship: Accelerate, decelerate, replenish the shield or steer the ship and fire the cannons.

There are a lot of tasks to do at any given moment so players need to prioritize them and work together to survive as long as possible.


Deep Space Gardening

Deep Space Gardening is a chaotic cooperative multiplayer game, where the players slip into the roles of gardeners that are sent on a journey to the space garden planets of different galaxies.

In a variety of unique gardens, they have to produce plants and deliver them to space shuttles that distribute them to the planets of the galaxy to recover their ecologic system.

Each level awaits the players with unique challenges: limited space, time and resources, separated garden areas that require extensive teamwork, dynamic maps where the players have to adapt during the course of a level and more.