Denis Ganath

Master of Arts FHNW in Secondary Education

Works as a class teacher at the private school «Lern mit» in Wohlen.

Wrote his master thesis on “VR technology in the classroom” and uses VR regularly in the classroom. Has launched the further development with AR in class with Lern mit.

Digitales Lernen heute: Ein Blick in den Alltag der Privatschule Lern mit

Saturday, 11:00 – Designers & Education Stage

How to integrate the manifold possibilities of digitization into the normal everyday school life?

Where does their use make sense? And where is the added value for the individual student?

For 20 years, digital learning has been an important part of everyday school life at the private school Lern ​​mit. The use of iPads, LegoRobotic, programming courses, 3D printing, VR & AR technology enrich the everyday life sustainably.

Nevertheless, the use of digital media also applies: less is sometimes more …

We would like to show you with concrete examples how we try to make our young people ready for the (digital) future.