Cosplayers United for Charity CU4C!

The organisation CU4C, an association of national and international cosplayers, wants to put the popularity of cosplay to good use. It supports non-profit associations and organizations through fundraising as well as appearances and visits by cosplayers, for example in foster homes and hospitals. Their goal is simple; Provide joy, help, use cosplay for charity and celebrate the joy of cosplay together with others.

At the Cu4C photo booth, visitors can be photographed with cosplayers, take a cool photo and do a good deed with a donation! Take a photo with your friends or family along with the cosplayers present at the booth and support their good cause!

CU4C collects at ZURICH GAME SHOW for Theodora Foundation. Since 1993, the goal of the foundation has been to cheer up the everyday lives of children in hospitals and specialised institutions through joy and laughter. Every week, the foundation organizes and finances the visit of professional artists – dream doctors – throughout Switzerland. Every year, these funny, enchanting figures give thousands of children moments of happiness.