Cosplayers United for Charity CU4C!


In an increasingly fast-paced time, in which the pressure of performance is steadily increasing, in which we are increasingly diverted from value-free things, it is imperative sometimes to stand still and to take a closer look at his life and the community in which one lives. So we found out that it is a matter of the heart to us to do good, to spread a little happiness and joy. That’s why we’ve come together to work together to express our gratitude for life and to put a smile on the face of the disadvantaged.

The members of the CU4C are by their honorary activity and fame as cosplayers a crowd puller of the special kind. They draw by their costume and the play out of their respective represented character the audience in their spell and provide admiration and fascination, wherever they appear.

To bundle this attraction and use it for a good cause is the idea behind the project. From experience we can say that we receive a lot of attention wherever we come and go. Especially children are absolutely fascinated when their heroes stand in front of them. It’s often the case that we can barely move out of the square for a long period of time, because everyone wants to meet “his / her” Spiderman or Elsa, take a picture with him or her, or just “cuddle”.

Interestingly, not only children want to be photographed with us. The fascination runs through all age groups. Our stated goal is to enchant children with our cosplay and to make life a little more liveable for them, if it is not so nice.