Visit the colorful and exciting Cosplay Village of ZURICH GAME SHOW and meet many friendly people, hairy creatures and happy faces!

Also our grandiose cosplay guests and jury members are looking forward to your visit at their booth.

Swiss Cosplay Family

The Swiss Cosplay Family brings Swiss cosplayers together and promotes solidarity, friendship and passion in the scene. Today, more than 350 active cosplayers from all over Switzerland are included!

The group was launched in 2012 by several passionate cosplayers around Stylouz Cosplay. The basic idea behind the Swiss Cosplay Family is to create a close community in which cosplayers support each other. Cosplay is just more fun together! In this sense, the group already acts like a real family!

The brand name S.C.F. evokes international echoes through its special spirit of friendship. For the members, Cosplay is a unique and artistic way to meet and make new friends, experience epic moments and have fun together!
If you are interested in joining the Swiss Cosplay Family Group, please contact Stylouz Cosplay. The only conditions are that you are Swiss or living in Switzerland. There is no specific level required.

Cosplay Atelier

As one of the first german-swiss cosplay clubs the cosplay studio offers a refuge from everyday life to all interested people from the  region of Aargau.

In addition to the common crafting of costumes, armor, accessories, etc., they also take part in fairs together, engage in charitable causes or can be booked for private, commercial events.

The Cosplay Atelier is a relaxed and friendly community and welcomes every new member. You can experience it by yourself at the ZURICH GAME SHOW, where you can familiarize yourself with Worbla in one of their workshops! & Jedi

Master Hausa from Zurich, a real Ninja and Jidai-geki Master, prefers to cosplay as Jedi Master.
This year he, his Jedi and Ninja will be next to the X-Wing. They will also hold a panel and be present at the Cosplay Village.

Internationally awarded and acclaimed costumer and Leather Artist, A. Tom Rehn of Civilized Galactic Gear, visits the Zurich Game Show 2019 from the USA! A. Tom Rehn is known for his many Star Wars creations. With his Old Republic Armor creations, he has won several first place at Star Wars Celebrations.

Steve ‘Loki’ Perkins is an American stage actor known nationally in the US national cosplay scene for his Jedi, Star Wars and Marvel costumes. He has achieved most success so far with his famous Loki cosplay.

Swiss Wookie

Swiss Wookie has not been around very long, although the world has long been asking for them! Swiss Wookie is a group for sharing about costume design and Wookie Culture. All Star Wars fanatics, Chewbacca fans, and intergalactic experts are almost obligated to visit Swiss Wookie at the ZURICH GAME SHOW!

Atelier Oechsli

Barbara Brosowski Utzinger, also known as Mistress of the Dragons of Bad Zurzach, is a teacher of visual design and handicraft. In addition, she is a freelance artist and sells her work in the “Atelier Oechsli” as well as worldwide. As an artist and author she has a heart for fantastic worlds and fictitious beings. In collaboration with her husband Roman Brosowski, she builds life-size dragons and other fantastic creatures.