Cosplay Panels

Learn more about Cosplay at the ZURICH GAME SHOW?

Sure, that is possible!

Cosplay pros from Switzerland and abroad talk about their experiences, reveal their best tips and tricks and show you the colorful world of cosplay.

Worbla Basic Workshop

Monono Creative Arts

Saturday, 15:00 – Panelroom

You do not know the thermoplastic material Worbla yet? You would like to do your handicrafts or cosplays with the thermoplastic, but do not dare to approach it or do not know where to start?

Then this workshop is just right for you! The Worbla Basics Workshop will explain the following topics:

  • What is Worbla and which varieties are there?
  • Which Worbla do I use for which projects?
  • What do I need to work with Worbla?
  • How do I start a project?
  • Basics for combining with other materials

The workshop can also be helpful for advanced users, especially when it comes to learning more about the products. At the end of the workshop, a question and answer session is planned so that you can ask your personal questions.

Posing like the Character

Nana Kuronoma

Sunday, 13:00 – 15:00 – Panelroom

In this two-hour workshop, the Austrian cosplayer Nana Kuronoma shows you what to look out for in a cosplay photo shoot, how to present yourself in front of the camera and how to take professional cosplay photos!

Q&A rund ums Cosplay, von der Materialwahl bis zum Foto


Saturday, 13:00 – Panelroom

Cosplay panel with Sascha from the «Cosschmiede». Your host is an experienced all-rounder in the field of Cosplay and LARP, who will provide you with answers to planning and making costumes and props yourself. He discusses how to deal with different materials, which can vary depending on the costume or armor, but also depending on the requirements and budget.

In a relaxed conversation, you can gather new inspiration and tips or get an opinion and advice on your future projects.

Worbla Basics Workshop

Cosplay Atelier

Sunday, 11:00 – Panelroom

Learn the most important Worbla Basics with the experts from Cosplay Atelier!

Costuming and How to Play

Jedi Master Hausa

Sunday, 12:00 – Panelroom

Come and learn from two of the best cosplay underground people and stage actors you’ve ever met, the costumes and games tips. After their famous and popular podium at the New York Comic Con 2018 they will now hold a podium for the Zurich audience. US nationally acclaimed Steve Perkins and internationally acclaimed A. Tom Rehn will personalize your cosplay and your presentation, your stage act and your performance in front of the audience, from beginner to professional.

This interactive panel is held in English.

Drachenkopf modellieren

Atelier Oechsli

Saturday, 16:00 – Panelroom

You always wanted a dragon as a pet?

Barbara Brosowski, also known as Mistress of the Dragons by Atelier Oechsli, shows you how to make your own dragon’s head. Wild, thorny gobbler or noble scaly sky snake – Barbara models it with you from Polymer Clay. For seven Drachentaler (CHF 7) you get the basic set and a handout for working. Please reserve your workplace beforehand at the booth of Atelier Oechsli.

Attention: “First come, first serve” is the motto. In addition, the course is offered only from 10 years old.