Dr. Christoph Schmitt

MAS ZFH | Coach & Supervisor bso

Speaker, Author, Learning Engineer. Founder of Bildungsdesign. Represents innovative learning, digital learning culture, new learning environments and learning communities.

More about the new learning on my blog: www.lebendiglernen.ch and my website www.bildungsdesign.ch

Spielen statt Schule. Ein schlechter Witz oder die Zukunft des Lernens?

Sunday, 10:45 – Designers & Education Stage

Either we play or we do something serious. Learning for example. This contrast sits deep in our heads. It is a stubborn error, because: In playing, we learn the most and the best, for life. We should take that seriously now. Playing makes us physically and mentally fit. Playing makes us happy and socially competent. That’s why I say: the school of the future is a school of playing.