Dr. Beat A. Schwendimann

Dr. Beat A. Schwendimann is a member of the executive board and head of the pedagogical office of the Swiss Association of Teachers (LCH). After studying biology at ETH Zurich, he worked as a cantonal school teacher. Schwendimann has a doctorate in digital learning technology from the University of California at Berkeley and has worked as research director at Sydney University and EPFL.

Werden künstliche Intelligenzen Lehrpersonen bald ersetzen?

Saturday, 14:00, Designers & Education Stage

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) is making rapid progress. The new generation of children will grow up with AI. AI not only changes everyday life and the working world but also the schools. In class, the first forms of AI are already being used as digital teaching and learning tools. For the school, therefore, the question arises whether artificial intelligence will one day completely replace teachers.

This lecture with Dr. Beat A. Schwendimann discusses the development and importance of AI for the school system using practical examples.